Free Training: How to Work Remotely From Anywhere in the World
A FREE 10-part email training showing you how to start working online.
Your first step to having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.
Includes access to the secret Masterclass.
Become a Digital Nomad
Taught by Kate Smith, As Seen In
 What You'll Learn
  • How you're being lied to about working remotely which is why most people fail
  •  Why you need to stop looking online if you want a remote job and where to look instead 
  •  How to get remote companies to chase you with NO experience, include real life screen shots
  •  Find out if you have the skills required to go remote
  •  How to land your dream remote job
  •  How to start working remotely ASAP
  •  Launching a biz that you can run from anywhere in the world
  •  How to avoid falling victim to 'Shiny Object Syndrome'
  •  How Rhami and Sarah were able to start working online and traveling the world
 BONUS Masterclass Included!
How to Create More Freedom by Working Remotely
By joining the 10-day Remote Work Jumpstart you'll also get access to 
a 2-hour private Masterclass where you'll learn:
  • How to save months worth of time by learning the exact step-by-step process for going remote
  •  The simple remote resume blueprint to create a killer remote resume that beats the competition... every time!
  •  Why the traditional model for landing a job is broken and what to do instead
  •  Insider tricks on how to find a remote job that has low competition and a high chance of success
  •  How to confidently charge your worth so you can thrive as a digital nomad
  •  The powerful mindset shift to eliminate fear and get you motivated and finally taking action!
  •  How to find the best remote job for YOU and your skills... not just some cookie cutter approach
  •  A roadmap of how you can quickly and confidently start earning an income remotely!
Meet Your Instructor, Kate Smith
She's Been there and now she's Showing You How
She went from small town girls in Canada to globetrotting the world. Here are some highlights from your instructor. 
  •  3+ years has worked remotely while traveling the world 
  • Traveled to 25+ countries and is currently based in Bali
  • Has been featured in BBC, Fast Company, CNN etc
  • On the team that's creating the world's first digital nomad visa
  • Successfully built a personal brand, The Remote Nomad
  •  Founder of WiFly Nomads, an educational travel program 
  •  Has worked with and been mentored by industry thought leaders such as Joel Brown from Addicted2Success, Daniel DiPiazza from Rich20Something and more
  •  Was a participant on the very first Remote Year program
  •  ... Oh and she has a fancy piece of expensive paper that let's everyone know she graduated with her Honors Bachelor of Commerce 
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