From Boardroom to Beach
Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Anywhere in The World
You've got one shot to convince your boss to let you work remote. Make sure you get it right by joining this step-by-step course so you can keep your job but work from anywhere in the world. 
Taught by Kate Smith, As Seen In
Become a Digital Nomad
 What You'll Learn
  • Turn your boss into a fan of remote work by presenting remote work benefits and more!
  • ​Craft a compelling remote work proposal (including a template + real life example). Learn the crucial items that you need to include inside your proposal.
  • Overcome objections. Access a list of common objections employers commonly have and the various solutions to overcome them.
  • Pitch with confidence. You'll be so well prepared for your meeting that your boss will see remote work as a no brainer!
  • Craft a timeline for your pitch and proposal. Learn the tasks to complete before your meeting with your boss to the follow up items that need to be complete to successfully transition to working remotely.
  • ​How to pitch a new or different role that is remote work friendly. This gives you even more options to get your employer on board for remote work!
  • Understanding ALL your options, beyond just convincing your boss to go remote so you can make the remote lifestyle your new reality.
Lindsey H.
What Students Are Saying
This is from the text I recieved from a former client after she met with her boss to go remote:

"I had a meeting with my managers yesterday... their EXACT words were... 'yes of course, it's no problem. Just get your sh*t done. You're an adult...' IS THIS A DREAM?!?!?! Does this sh*t ACTUALLY HAPPEN?!?!?! YEP!"
Remote Work Proposal Template
Join hundreds of people who have the freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world.
What's Included
  • 10 Training Videos guiding you step-by-step through the process 
  • ​Access Templates, Checklist and Worksheets to implement what you learn even faster. Including the remote work proposal template!
  • Real Life Examples used throughout the training (downloadable)
  • ​A Community of Like-Minded People to support you in your journey
  • Your questions answered by Kate and the community inside the portal 
  • ​Instant access to the course so you can get started immediately
  • Videos, transcripts, and mp3 downloads so you can learn how you want.
Who this course is FOR
This course is for you if you are:
  • Currently working a 9-5 job and spend the majority of your time working from your desk on a computer.
  • ​If want to join a program like Remote Year, or simply want the ability to work remotely on your own terms then this course is for you!
  • ​Burnt out, overwhelmed, and tired of the cubicle and want to make a change but lack the confidence or know-how.
  • Want more freedom in your day-to-day life.
  • Want the flexibility to be able to travel anywhere.
Who this Course is NOT For
This course is NOT for you if you:
  • ​If you're not willing to put in the time and work to implement what you learn.
  • ​If you don't see the value in investing in your personal and professional growth then this course is probably not for you. 
  • If you can't commit to taking action to implement what you learn in the course, then this is probably not suited for you.
  • ​If you work a job that is primarily physically based like plumbing, construction etc
Course Outline
How to Convince Your Boss to Let you Work Remotely
  • Start Here
  • ​The Overall Process 
  • 7 Steps to Selling the Idea to Your Boss
  • Changing Roles or Creating a New Role + Checklist Download
  • ​Creating Your Remote Work Pitch + Slides Download
  • ​Overcoming Objections + Objections/Solutions Download
  • ​The Pitch Process
  • ​Your Boss says, "YES!" + Remote Transition Plan Checklist
  • ​Alternative Options to Going Remote
  • ​Action Plan Timeline & Mastering your Mindset + Timeline Checklist
  • ​Creating the Remote Work Proposal + Proposal Template, Checklist and Real Life Example
Ready to Start Working Remotely?
Meet Your Instructor, Kate Smith
She's Been there and now she's Showing You How
From small town girls in Canada to globetrotting the world. Here are some highlights from your instructor. 
  • 4+ years has worked remotely while traveling the world 
  • Traveled to 25+ countries and is currently based in Bali
  • Has been featured in BBC, Fast Company, CNN etc
  • On the team that's creating the world's first digital nomad visa
  • Successfully built a personal brand, The Remote Nomad
  •  Founder of WiFly Nomads, an educational travel program 
  • ​Has worked with and been mentored by industry thought leaders such as Joel Brown from Addicted2Success, Daniel DiPiazza from Rich20Something and more
  • ​Was a participant on the very first Remote Year program
  • ​... Oh and she has a fancy piece of expensive paper that let's everyone know she graduated with her Honors Bachelor of Commerce 
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the Course Take to Complete?
Everyone is different which is why this course is created for you to work through at your own pace. It's not designed to overwhelm you with information. It's designed to give you the most important information you need to get started right away! It's quality or quantity! The total length of the video training is 1 hour. The real work comes in implementing what you learn. You access to worksheets, templates, and downloads will save you a ton of time.
How Comprehensive is the Course?
This course has been created to help you get started and succeed in convincing your boss to let you work remote. It covers all the critical areas you need to know to succeed.
What if I Get Confused?
I'm dedicated at helping you succeed. There are comments sections throughout the course where you can post your questions and I will personally reply to all of them. 
How Long Do I Have Access to the Course For?
You'll get lifetime access to the course!
When Will I Be Given Access to The Course? When Does the Course Start?
You'll immediately be given access to the course portal.
What Format is the Course Delivered in?
Access to 10 video lessons, mp3, transcripts, worksheets and downloads so that you can implement what you learn even faster!
What Make You Qualified to Teach this Course?
I've personally gone through the process of transitioning from a 9-5 to working remotely. I've been working remotely while traveling the world for 4 years and have been to over 25 countries and counting. During that time I've launched a successful blog, The Remote Nomad and company, WiFly Nomads.

My expertise has been featured in CBC, BBC, Fast Company, CNN, BuzzFeed, Mashable, Atlas Obscura, Etihad Airways in-flight Magazine and much more. 
Are you Ready to Create More Freedom in Your Life By Work Remotely?
Keep your job but have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere.

Inside the course you'll learn step-by-step how to turn your boss into a fan of remote work!
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  • Access to videos, transcripts, and mp3 downloads
  • Access to Worksheets, Checklists, and Templtes
  • ​A Community of Like-Minded People 
  • Access to Kate inside the course
  • ​Instant Access 
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  • All 10 Video Training Modules + Real Life Examples
  • Access to videos, transcripts, and mp3 downloads
  • Access to Worksheets, Checklists, and Templtes
  • ​A Community of Like-Minded People 
  • Access to Kate inside the course
  • ​Instant Access 
  • Save Over 15% by paying in full
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